Saturday, December 20, 2008

3 yamaha new releases for india

Globally, Yamaha Motorcycles has a performance oriented brand image and is known for their technological excellence. But thats not the case for Yamaha India with their damp and not so exciting current line-up of bikes. Realizing the power and growth potential of the Indian 2-wheeler market, Yamaha is bent on re-establishing themselves in India, only this time aiming for the brand image rather than going after mass market sales. As part of their strategy YMI recently launched the world class YZF R1 and MT01, furthermore Yamaha will be launching 3 new bikes in India in 2008.

Yamaha YZF-R15:

Sports oriented, Yamaha YZF R15 is a track ready, made for India bike inheriting from the Yamaha R1. The new single cylinder, 4-stroke, 150cc engine has 4-valves, is liquid cooled and will have Fuel Injection. The bike also has front and rear disc brakes. R15 will be launched in India some time in June-July of 2008. Though price and performance specs are not available at this time, current speculation is it’ll be priced around Rs 90,000 and the power output will be around 18 bhp.

Yamaha FZ (150):

The best looking among the 3, the Yamaha FZ is a mean-looking naked street bike, again made for India inheriting from the European FZ1. FZ will share R15’s 150cc single cylinder engine but will be air-cooled, no further specs available right now. Yamaha FZ 150 will to be launched in India by November 200.

Yamaha Gladiator Type SS / RS:

Current Yamaha Gladiator will be available in two new variants - Type SS (Stylish & Sporty) & Type RS (Racing Sports) and these bikes will have the 125 cc engine block. Yamaha says SS & RS have 26 improved features to make them dynamic and best performing bikes in their class. Gladiator Type SS / RS are to be commercially launched in India by the end of February 2008.


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